For All Seasons by Bill Kahn

It Could Be Any Season

The Birch Trees Overlook The Sloping Hillside
Positioned With Dalmatian Textured Bark
Pealing Away From Giraffe Necks
And Palm Tree Tops Waltzing

The Simple Mere Lake Is At The Valley Bottom
Nestled With A Blue-Green Watercolor
An Oval Of Shrubs To Rocks To Mud
Reflecting A Calm Buff Outward

The Hidden Village With limited Access
Recessed With European Chalet Homes
Standing Firmly With Wooden Slates
Displaying The Strength And Purpose

The Shadowed Mountain Ridge Of Silence
Settled In Sequential Shapes
Massive Sleeping Furry Grizzly’s
Protection From Surrounding Creatures

The Captured View Is Poised And Framed
Edge To Edge By The White Sky Hanging
Nature’s Bursting Full Canvas
And A Human Moment To Last

For All Seasons


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