Gentle Nudge by Suhaey Rosario

You are not of this world, they say.
Be proud, they say.
Ask them to speak one at a time, they say.
Pray for yourself, they say.
You emasculate me, they say.
You receive less for the same work, they say.
You are crazy, they say.
Gentrification, they say.

You do not decide when to die.
You are the root of all evil. You are disobedient.
You will kneel before me. You have to forgive.
Come with hate in your heart. Ready yourself for transformation.

You will not like it, they say.
You’re paid to leave.
Those are crocodile tears.
Are you willing to stay the course?
I will help you, they say. Come, meet so-and-so.
I can do better.
You are not smart. You are incomplete.
You will lose.
Buck up! Do you actually believe that?
Didn’t they teach you better?

Forget everything you think you know.
Your mother is a slave.
You are easily forgotten. Good riddance.
You’re a cow, anyway.
I knew you were a lesbian when you were a child.
You are a pig. You won’t amount to anything.

Stop visiting me.
Try your luck somewhere else.
Take off your glasses, so that I can see your eyes.
You can lie to me, but the toxicology report knows.
Don’t kill yourself.
It’s a drunken situation all around.
You’re liar.
Ask; knock; humble yourself; prove it.
You aren’t making sense.
Hang up.


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