Small and Green by Malik Sullivan

I remember you.

Small and green,

You would flit about

Uncertain where you were going

Yet sure you would know when you got there.


I remember you.

On your journey you found

Broken spirits,

Low hanging moons,

And gathered them into you one by one.


I remember you.

You restored them each,

And when you had made their blues into golds

They vanished,

Leaving you alone with their night.


I remember you.

Being nurtured by shadow,

Filling your void with bleak spirits,

And more certain than ever

That you would never see the sun again.


I remember you.

Realizing, there, that your travels were ended

And yearning to be small and green again

So you’d remember who you were

When you started.



One thought on “Small and Green by Malik Sullivan

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