Zone 5: Operation Liz and Obly by Charlie Wiseman with Henrietta Garnett

One of the key witnesses at the Supreme Court case nicknamed ‘Operation Oblomov’ was the Bloomsbury Child, Angelica Garnett’s daughter, Henrietta. She was friends with homeless people from Chelsea who spoke of her in the Big Sister house, where they were all trying to win the keys to get off the streets.

As a Bloomsbury she had a spirited and valuable message to transmit to the world at the time of crisis. ‘My mother has written ‘Deceived with Kindness’ in which she describes how sleep deprivation as a result of excess fame can deprive one’s body of its natural craving for sleep.

Lenin said ‘Russia is a country of Oblomovs.’ Oblomov stumbled upon sleep and safety whilst in bed. Proust did the same wearing gloves and not venturing out far from his appartement.’

‘How can anyone function properly if they are deprived of sleep? We all need security and safety.

‘Dreams are no good if we don’t know how to stop the mare in the night rearing his head, flying off into the woods. What a nightmare! I keep seeing them and sleeplessness is torture. Oblomov sometimes sleeps with one eye open, you can find him up the stairs, in the Great Bed of Ware in the Victoria and Albert Museum as I have witnessed. You can tell he is asleep because you can see the sheep jumping in that eye. I dare say that Liz and he may be dreaming something much more important than any of us can imagine. So for them to have to be on the traffic island outside Parliament is such a bore, for them especially. Who knows what fine dreams they may be missing. You know people tend to discard their dream half‐finished, so it floats around in the sky. It can cause real congestion which is why we have fog and sand. It’s all connected.’

The assistants to the court brought in the Great Bed of Ware.

‘You see, if you look, this bed is such a great size, it was once considered the biggest bed in the world.’

The Judge found himself feeling quite drowsy and hitting his mallet on the desk, ordered a recess.

Today is the third day since court proceedings have been delayed.




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