A Dedication to Humanity by Miguel Vera

Dedicated to a humiliatingly humbled humanity, the essence of every man, woman
and child ever created in His Holy image;
more than any other word, it defines us. Ere we were African, we were human.
Knowledge and language, span our … stages.
Dedicated to a Mother Earth, desecrated; a God-given light, in a rock,
in a bubble, within a vast abyss, become, by
His power, our home; become, by our ignorance, landfill, toilet, and  earthenware crock.
Both Earth and humanity live, but to someday, by and by … die.
Dedicated to the ninety-nine percent of us, jumbled, who toil for scraps from the banquets
of the percent of us who justify their entitlement
as God-given; and to those of the one percent of us too, whom share the mindset
that our planet begs more sustenance, and less … armaments.
Dedicated to the exasperated one percent of us who, to some degree,
worry with regard to global prospects and/or work towards our
expiation; and to the ninety-nine percent of us too, who, disconnected, see
not forests’ vastness, for trees that … tower.
Dedicated to the one hundred percent of us who are only apparently powerless
and may expand our carbon imprints … positively.
Dedicated to our individual purposes within God’s plan for us,
to duly evolve … spiritually.
Dedicated to a bigger picture that is, increasingly, coming into view
just as smaller pictures, seven billion plus surreal
realities, increasingly overwhelm us. Coming down to the wire then anew,
this roiling stew, our fate, does duly … seal.
Dedicated to communalism, a synonym of communism, a word inordinately heavy
with baggage. Call it what you will, working together
is the common-sense cure for what ails us. Reason, without more, shall never be
how best to get from here to … there.
Dedicated, therefore, gratefully as well, to all the species of the animal denizens
of this animated planet. Ought we not wisely learn
from the Jain, whom sweep as they walk, in rapt reverence of all of the denizens
in the circle of life? Ought we not … learn?
These verses are from the Dedications page of a manuscript entitled AN ATLAS … POETICALLY.

It is poetry, epic in scope, if not in grandeur, precisely

because poetry emotes far more eloquently than one may ever aspire to … prosaically;

a love letter to a planet … and nonfiction, posing as fiction … poetically.



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