Clarity by Clark Cook

When we began
truth was available
in open smiles
as clear as liquid honey
on a crystal plate.

Now smiles are guarded
eyes glance
searching for meaning
in corners half-lit
with mere possibility.

faintly visible,
is on a long break.

I long for certitude–
my dashed assumptions
cleave on rocks
by your convenient
your private betrayals.

So tell me a lie!
your tarnished truths
more like black blotches
than gleaming silver,
more idle asides
than central text
our original Intent.

A successful lie
would restore my faith
in wide-eyed





5 thoughts on “Clarity by Clark Cook

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    1. moonfroth

      The problem with the original was accidental TRIPLE-spacing! Since this is an ezine, the editors were able to go in and remedy the problem–which, to their credit, they fixed willingly and quickly.. Thanks for pointing it out to them–you got on it BEFORE I did myself


  2. moonfroth

    Thanks again DE. And thanks for recognizing the inherent difficulty in telling a ‘linear’ tale but keeping it a Poem!



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