Hard-Eyed Women by V. Conejero

Hard-eyed women
Today’s young
So cold
So strong
Tall, slim, sleek
Black-lined eyes and lashes
Glossy red lips
Long silky hair
Tight, revealing dresses
Push-up bras
Disappearing cleavages
Modern females
Parading everywhere
In their courtesan-like attire
Emulating the screen’s city heroines
Thinking of no more than high fashion
And their next conquest
Hard-eyed women
Contemporary girls
No compassion
No social outrage
No fighting for their gender’s rights
Nor against the exploitation of babes
“It’s not our problem,” they chant
No concern for the Earth
Nor for the atmosphere
Nine-eleven and Katrina?
“It happened to other people,” they shrug
The disabled, the elderly, and the poor or homeless?
“We don’t choose to identify with losers,” they spit
What do they care about?
Well-off, lusty men, old or young
Designer dresses, alligator handbags
Expensive real estate, luxury trips
Punky bistros, chic boutiques
Sex and glamour

Nothing more
Hard-eyed women
Cold-hearted dames
Enjoying freedoms others died for
Paying no homage to them



One thought on “Hard-Eyed Women by V. Conejero

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