Seeking Her in Paradise by Clark Cook

I first saw you on a coral reef
long white dress trailing black hair
reflected still
in the crystal water,
small fish intense colours
flitting in electric dance through
your image rippling in the
light breeze
on the surrounding sea

I saw you next on the patio
three other people
table heavy with exotic fruit
coloured drinks in cut-glass
your dress molding your body
nipples taut
from the cool night air
long legs crossed, flashing white smile
in the half-shadows
cast by the sputtering oil lamps
staked in the dark earth

I sit at the next table, posture straight
pale blue linen suit pressed
long brown hair brushed back, flowing
manicured left hand casually on the table.

My right hand aches from gripping the glass,
dark rum and lime juice, ice
numbs my fingers
the shifting night breeze carries
scent from your body
my vision blurs

You glance across my table
my answering smile dazzles
from the spark
in my smoldering heart
look right through me
into the trimmed jungle behind
your dark eyes blind
to me to me

I do not exist.
this shell contains only
lost feelings needs
that arrow past the mark
with flawless accuracy
transforming invisibly
into whirring boomerangs
that return silently out of the night
to lie motionless
at my feet

I do not exist.
I throw this husk of desires
into my dreams of you. . .do
not exist
only the soft night
and the shadows of the tall palms
swaying against the thin sky
and the reflected fish in the reflected sea
have substance

I am so tired of dreams
you will be my last?




3 thoughts on “Seeking Her in Paradise by Clark Cook

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    1. moonfroth

      Yes–astute of you. As I wrote it, I heard one voice directly…..but two or three “others” faintly in the background! i’m glad you did too!



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