Seasonal Utterances (Spring) by Julie P. Lauton

Subtle shifts
as purrs emerge
despite winter’s lingering roars

Crescive susurrations coax
Budding limbs swish, flap, cavort

Playful gust trills
through newborn leaves
while blithe breeze conducts
the first symphony of many to come

Triumphant beam glaring
sun spills her rays
onto reawakened terrain

At last, once-cold earth relents
as sprouts assert eminence
above the crunch of grassy blades

Unfurled petals ruffle
sharing secrets with sky agog
where wispy clouds eavesdropping
quietly hang, drift, dissolve

Vernal rhythms blossom
Dewy music to our ears
Ever warming promise
held in cadenced discourse, thrums, refrains

Hope springs
that these fluent expressions
will never wane


One thought on “Seasonal Utterances (Spring) by Julie P. Lauton

  1. ericamilesx

    Talk about music, this poem has it all, a veritable symphony (did I just steal a line from the poem?) Amazing use of language and imagery conveying rich music with its breathtaking descriptions.



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