The Goose who Loved Golf by John F. McCullagh

On the flight path down from Quebec
in the recent past, they say,
The lead goose saw a foursome
on the fairway, hard at play.

Their clothing was intriguing
Bright Argyles and Staid plaids
Little lackeys followed them,
carrying their bags.

The goose brigade lost interest
in proceeding South that day.
Instead they landed on the course
intent on watching play.

The lead Goose now spent all his time
At Bethpage, on the Black,
and honked golf commentary
to all his fledgling flock.

This lead Goose was the First,
brave Avian pioneer,
who broke the pattern going South-
instead he wintered here.

The Geese are protected by the law,
so we have no recourse.
We can’t hunt down these honkers
who are greasing up the course.

Within one human lifetime-
a revolutionary change.
the geese have all stopped flying South
They’re students of the game.


2 thoughts on “The Goose who Loved Golf by John F. McCullagh

  1. ericamilesx

    A sharp audio-visual of the geese on the golf course! John F. McCullagh loves to play with words and pick unusual subject matter, offering lovely, funny words for the reader to taste and savor.


  2. Bill Batcher

    Pure delight! We’ve all been encumbered by geese bespoiling our parks, but this is the first time I’ve heard the bird’s perspective! Perfect rhythm and rhyme, clever word play (“staid plaid”), and imaginative imagery (“honked golf commentary”) all combine to produce an ode to the “students of the game.”

    Liked by 1 person


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