The Greenwich Village Literary Review
A magazine by writers who love to write for readers who love to read.

Dr. Vivian Conejero, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

The Greenwich Village Literary Review is a biannual ezine, published on WordPress.

The Greenwich Village Literary Review will not “play by the book”; we will not bow to current literary minimalistic fashion in our acceptance policies.

We dislike formalism and language-for-its-own sake. We believe that language and structure must serve the story and not vice versa.

Our goal is to publish writing that is engaging and alive, the kind of stories that we do not want to stop reading. That is not to say that we will condone verbosity per se or that we will refuse a fascinating piece of minimalism. Simply stated, we want to publish high-quality material.

We are a literary magazine and favor elegant, but effective prose inspired by all sorts of human experiences. Genre fiction is welcome, most particularly tales of ghosts and the supernatural. What we will definitely spare our readers is obscenity and gratuitous violence.

We are also very interested in publishing historical types of essays about Greenwich Village’s history and literary figures.

Photography and artwork capturing The Village’s famous and not-so-famous sights will be most welcome to our ezine. Abstract photography and visual compositions fascinate us as well.

The Greenwich Village Literary Review emerged from the writers’ group, The NYU-Village Writers. However, neither participation in the NYUVW’s critique sessions nor residence in NYC (or in the USA) are requirements for publication in our magazine. If you like to write and can write well in English, we will be pleased to consider your efforts.

We accept submissions exclusively by email:  TGVLR.Editor@gmail.com

Visit our Submission Guidelines page for detailed information.
*Use Duotrope to track your submissions. See our listing here.


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