Submission Guidelines

The Greenwich Village Literary Review
A magazine by writers who love to write for readers who love to read
Dr. Vivian Conejero, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

*TGVLR is closed. No further editions of this magazine are planned for the foreseeable future.*




Spring Edition – June
Fall Edition – December


.There will be a single submission period per year, from which the material for both editions will be drawn.

.Submissions of relevance to the seasons and holidays covered by each particular issue are most welcome.

-Early submissions will not be accepted.
-Any call for submissions may be terminated at anytime, should we be inundated with responses.

Submissions accepted via email only, to:

You are invited to submit your high-quality work in the categories listed below.

-One submission per person in each category.
EXCEPTIONS: up to three poems, photographs, or art images (in one attachment)–but ONLY from those submitting exclusively poetry, photography, or graphic art, respectively.
-Please, indicate your submission category on your email’s “Subject line,” followed by the title of your work, and your name-e.g., FICTION: “The House next Door” by Paul Smith.”
-Be sure to write your name and the title of your work on your document’s opening page.
-Send each submission in separate email messages—one attachment per email.
EXCEPTION: poems are to be sent in one attachment.

-Be consistent in your version of work title and author’s name, on both your title page and email subject line–as well as on your biography.
-Include a brief autobiography, emphasizing your literary background.

-We welcome new and unpublished writers.
-No submission fees required.
-No payment will be made for any literary or artistic works accepted for publication in our magazine.

-Send all items to:

Preferred formats:
Microsoft Word docx/doc, or text embedded in the body of a blank email message.

Text-formatting (Revised):

For Prose Submissions:
-Justify each paragraph.
-Double-spacing only after a paragraph.
Single-spacing after a period-i.e., press the space bar only once in between sentences.

For Poetry Submissions:
-Line spacing–single or double–is up to the poet. However, leave an extra line in between stanzas.


Short stories – maximum length: 3,000 words
Flash Fiction – maximum length: 1,000 words


-Memoirs – maximum length: 2,000 words
-Personal Essays – maximum length: 1,250 words
-Historical articles about anything related to Greenwich Village – maximum length: 2,000 words
-Biographical sketches of important figures in the history of Greenwich Village – maximum length: 1,250 words
-Book Reviews. Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction (on any subject) – maximum length: 1,250 words
-Interviews with published authors of Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction as well as with graphic artists

-Poems in all styles and forms – maximum length: 3 pages

ART & PHOTOGRAPHY (The focus is to be on Greenwich Village’s places and people, although we also enjoy abstract photographic and visual compositions.)

Send up to three items in any of the following sub-categories:
-Illustrations Caricatures
-Other graphic artwork

-Single or joint authorship of a literary or graphic piece of work is allowable.
-We favor non-minimalistic literary writing on all kinds of subjects, featuring memorable characters and vivid descriptions of time and place.
-Genre fiction is welcome, particularly ghost stories and tales of the supernatural.

EXCEPTIONS: Absolutely NO pornography, erotica, foul language, or gratuitous, graphic descriptions of violence towards humans or animals!
*Material violating our submission guidelines will be automatically rejected.*

-Once your work is accepted for publication in our ezine, we will limit our editing to correcting errors of grammar and typing and reducing redundancy.
-If your writing exhibits too many grammatical flaws and typographical mistakes, it will be automatically discarded.
-We will remove foul language and material quoted from copyrighted sources, such as song lyrics and poems not in the public domain.
-We will respect the integrity of your literary style and will endeavor not to re-write your work.
-If your submission is selected for inclusion in our magazine, we will have a one-year publication right to it; afterwards, all copyrights will revert to the author.
-Please, do not submit previously published material, whether in print or on the Web—and that includes blogs!
-We are interested in original, unpublished work.
-All individuals whose work is accepted for inclusion in our magazine will sign a statement confirming that they are the original authors and that their literary or visual creations have never appeared either in print or online.

Potential cases of libel or plagiarism

-The Greenwich Village Literary Review is not to be held responsible in cases where readers believe they recognize themselves or their work in a specific piece of writing or artwork appearing in the magazine.
-All potential libel or plagiarism lawsuits are to be directed to the author(s) of the item(s) deemed offensive and NOT to our magazine.

Email your submissions to:

For general questions, write to Dr. V. Conejero at:

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7 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. Juan Valera Cortés.

    Among other literary works, I have translated Christy Brown’s ‘Wild Grow the Lilies’ into Spanish in the Nineteen-Seventies. The publishing company, Editorial Felmar, Madrid, went bankrupt when I had just sent them my translation; bad luck. Later, in 1990, I translated a selection of Byron’s poems into Spanish. Edited by ‘Prensa Universitaria’, Palma de Mallorca. One year later, also for Prensa Universitaria, I translated into Spanish a selection of stories form English and American Authors, A. Bierce, Coleridge’s ‘The Ancient Mariner’, Conrad, T. Hardy, and Dickens.
    I am now working on a series of sketches of my own, trying to depict characters of the Barcelona I left in 1980, when I moved to Palma, Majorca: ‘Posthumous Postcards from Bar Don Pancho’.
    Would you please tell me if you might be interested in my ‘Postcards’. In them I mix the two languages, Spanish and English, giving more relevance to either of the, depending on the topic of the sketch and the rhythm required.I say ‘might’, for I write for my own pleasure, and for my friends, which may not prove to be the pleasure of other other readers.
    Thanks a lot for your attention,
    Juan Valera


  2. mk1258

    I have a question: does original literary work posted online (i.e. Facebbok for example) violate the sixth guideline? I just wanted clarification on that. Thank you.


  3. vickibelieves

    All I can say is Thank you, this is an incredible service you are providing for inspired writers such as myself. The Greenwich Village Literary Review is the “American idol” or the “Voice” for inspired writers. It gives them a chance for their thoughts and feelings to be heard, and shared in the most beautiful way; through written words. It is another way we can connect! Bless you for this incredible service you are providing for inspired writers.


  4. clark cook

    Good morning Vivian!
    Just wanted to say a few words of approbation about TGVLR–hands-down the best literary ezine in the USA. The internet is a fickle mistress, launching and destroying inferior on-line publications almost daily. TGVLR is the flagship for success in this volatile and uncompromising market. PLEASE eat well, get lots of sleep, and exercise regularly so you can stay healthy and keep this ship on its present course! Thank you.



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